Monday, January 28, 2008

Good Monday!

It is Catholic Schools Week here in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. So this means that there are a lot of things going on at school this week. And, I am neck deep in the book fair, so I am at school every day this week... Hey, this is starting to feel like a job!
Today was Purple and White day and they have a pep rally this afternoon. (Go Tigers!!)
Tomorrow is a Saint Parade. The kids all pick a saint (nationality designated by grade) to learn about, dress up as and parade around. I made a hooded tunic for Eldest as his saint was a Camalodese monk of the Benedictine order. Now, who knows what he really wore, but Eldest looks smashing in his tunic.
Wednesday is the Grandparents Mass.
Thursday is Slippers day.
Friday open house in the afternoon.
I will try to get pictures tomorrow, but if I don't post again until Friday... I needed a nap.

As far as my knitting... INBAs red vest is in time out. It made me mad that I divided the front and back and didn't pay attention that I messed up and would have to be crossing cables on the front when I am purling across the back. So until I am not mad at it for letting me do that... TIME OUT!
Therefore, I started a new project... Monkeys. Not just any ol' everyone-else-has-already-made-'em Monkeys, Blue SPARKLY Monkeys. You must wait for pics, sorry.
And, I know I keep saying it, but the Bauhaus may make a reappearance, soon!

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LaurieG said...

He could have gone as St. Lawrence and dressed as a steak! ;)