Monday, January 07, 2008

Rock - n - Roll

Errr. something like that.
Rock and Spin, but that is a bit redundant for Rock Day.
So, Rock On.
We celebrated a day early, but in full spirit. That is Julia, the Celtic Queen, Laurie and Me. And our wheels. All different, all fabulous.
Julia also brought her drum carder. Oooooh, aaaaaahhhh.
Obviously, I am still on that steep part of the learning curve. This is some sunshiny roving that CQ gave me for Wool-tide. It happens to have been dyed by Julia. Very fun and bright. I am going to try to wash this up and use it as a single. I apparently have gone from over spun to slightly underspun (within inches sometimes, lol) and this is in no condition to ply. So we shall see what happens.

And this... my camera refuses to photograph properly. The ladies will verify that it is really mermaid green and rosy burgundy. Oh, with sparkles. Too fabulous to photograph! Ahhh, the joy of carding and mixing your own. Laurie did this batch of beauty... such a good friend. It becomes evidence that while having your friends over to your house to spin is great, not so easy to stop once they are gone!
And I notice, too, that I spin more consistently when I am not so tired. Heh, go figure.

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Rani said...

WOW! Gorgeous! I am not there yet - spinning, but things keep presenting themselves. Cables and sweaters next. You gals make it look so fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with for that yarn. Yum yum.

ps. Gah! I won't get my knit bear to you! I am WAY behind. sorry. :-(