Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another Busy Week

Man, it has been a busy week. The Mister is, again, older than me. The debates and explainations with the children that even if for only 3 months that Daddy's number is bigger than mine, He is still and always older than Mommy, are taking a lot of energy. More than one would have anticipated, actually. But it is worth it in the end, I believe. Because at some point they will answer without thinking, "Yeah, Daddy is older than Mommy."
The technicalities are irrelevant at that point. Merely, Mommy's ego is preserved. This is truely important. Truely.

Oh, amidst this I do have a FO, I will perhaps take pictures tomorrow. But this makes me think about many of the blogs that I have read lately speaking to the blogging of WIPs versus or in addition to, even, the FO. I have been perplexed by this... who has enough FOs to post even semi-regularly? And what do you have against (WI) Progress? Yeah, I suppose if you only added a stitch or two... but that stitch or two could have turned a corner, gotten one out of a slump, made that funky pattern rendering make sense...
So, my two cents is... Sure, I strive for a finished object. Sure, sometimes (often) the progress around here doesn't look like much. It remains, however, that we are all a work in progress. This family is in progress, this person is in progress, this life is in progress. To banish the acknowledgement of that work while still in progress is to diminish the real joy and satisfaction that is obtained when something does reaches the finish line. The journey matters.

And that nicely leads me, much to my surprise, to the other thing that I wanted to acknowledge today... A life incomplete, unfinished. How ever you celebrate the Federal Holiday that commemorates the birth of Martin Luther King Jr., consider this quote from the late Dr. King...

"Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek but a means by which we arrive at that goal."

The boys are off school Monday and Tuesday... so until then... Peace be with you.

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Heather said...

Wow, Heather! Thanks for the slap in the face about "progress." Two times! Point(s) noted!