Monday, January 14, 2008

Blog Angst

I have tried several times today to make a nice post with pretty pictures and something is prohibiting me. I would blame blogger, but my computer has not been on the well behaved list lately, either.

So, I will just say... The bears were well received and packed up to go to Jamiaca. Big Huge Thanks to those that took the time (I know it was not nice of me to ask over the holidays) to make a bear- or two! I sure do appreciate it, I know that BBINH appreciated it and I am sure, most importantly, the children will appreciate it.

We are getting snow, too. Funny to believe that it was nearly 70 degrees not even a week ago. But again, I am hoping that the weather man is right and we get another 3 inches by tomorrow night. The boys would love to be able to go sledding. And you would not believe how much they like to shovel the driveway!! I am sure this is only because we only need to do it a couple times per winter. Only twice so far this one. That's ok, we take our entertainment where we can get it.

1 comment:

Rani said...

We'll try and blow some snow your way!

Did you take some pictures of the bears? When that computer starts behaving, you'll have to post them!