Sunday, September 02, 2007

No Pictures, Please!

I cannot post a picture today of the event of the weekend, Eldest won't let me photograph him. What? Eldest doesn't want to be photographed?!?!

Let's just say that Daddy was in charge. Yes, the Mister took the boys out for a bike ride in South Park. It was an asphalt trail, they were going downhill (what isn't in Pittsburgh?) and the combination of Eldest not believing in using the brakes and the unexplained transition to gravel at the bottom of the hill led to the (you saw it coming) crash and subsequent stitches, abrasions and bruises.

Yes, my poor baby had 4 stitches in the small space between his nose and upper lip, the swelling has gone down on that lip so that it is only half as large as his head and he is scuffed from one end to the other. He limps because he took such a large chunk out of his knee. Oh, and he knocked out ANOTHER tooth. Baby tooth and it was, indeed, loose previous to the fall, but he did knock out a tooth. He scratched up his glasses (that he got last week) and did have on a helmet. Thank God. His face would have been total hamburger if he hadn't. So he survives, but has not allowed a photograph.

To make it worse, we went to a birthday party today and the birthday boy covered his eyes and ran the other direction when ever he caught a glimpse of his stitches. Poor kid... both of them.

Otherwise, Happy Labor Day, my fellow Americans. Be glad you (or the one who supports you) have a job and ,hopefully, get an honest wage for an honest day's work.


Celtic Queen said...

Must be the weekend for it. My nephew looks like he has a great big purple grapefruit for an eye. He too was going downhill and decided brakes are only good when applied quickly and full force. Hence the flip over the handlebars and many similar injuries. 3 stitches to the brow bone.

Hope Eldest feels better. Tell him men are supposed to be rugged with scars. :)

Rani said...

WHOO HOO! Back to school with a story to tell! Poor guy.

LaurieG said...

So did Mr. Dude hold him down for the stitches, or did you have to? We've had our share of stitches here, too. I guess it's a part of growing up, but it still makes me queasy thinking about it too much.