Friday, September 21, 2007

In Praise of Tinking

Here is the current state of MS3. You cannot see very well because the short rows won't let me lay it out flat. About half of what I have done on the wing is folded under and obviously, it is suppose to be squared off up at the top. I did have to tink about 5 rows. I messed something up, although I still do not know what. Tinking actually gave me the opportunity to see what the stitches are really doing and how that double decrease is laying. I was confused and it probably led to the errors. So I am re-knitting, now and, hopefully, will have no further problems... oh, and I have sternly relegated this project to super-wide-awake status. That should help.
I was deeply concerned about my fancy toe socks walking off, again.
So I completed them.
Incredibly pleased with these girls. I started on these while the fancy toe socks were touring Pittsburgh.
These are Trekking XXL in blue multi. They are for the mother of the neice that wanted blue socks, 'cuz she wanted blue socks, too.
Is that not classic?
The ultimate mud pie factory... a 6ft x 6ft sand box full of water.
And really, we get what we deserve for making the boys watch PBS.
We have been getting the series "Building Big" from Netflix and the boys are inspired. This is just the natural flow from building dams to flooding the sandbox.
It is good to be a kid.
It doesn't last long enough (for him, at least:)


Rani said...

OMG! I have to send you a picture of our boys and their sandbox! It is the same damn thing! They stick a hose in it and pretty soon they're naked (no neighbors) and full of mud! Gah!

Then comes the obligatory spraying off with freezing well-water from the hose! WAAA HOOOO! What would the world be like without children.

. . . besides very clean.

LaurieG said...

What an innocent face! He needs to keep practicing that for when he's a teenager.