Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Weirdest Thing Happened...

I have been wandering through links lately. Just to see what's up out there and because, like me, my favorites have been posting less frequently. I wandered onto this blog and low and behold... I am in her links!
It weirds me out a little when I realize that other people lurk around my blog. I lurk most of the time, too. So, this is irrational, of course, because I toss (part of) my life out there into public, of course it is going to be seen... still. So, HI to all y'all that I don't know are there.

Wow, three people read my blog.

Oh, and if the Mister stops by, I put in a sudoku game for you to play with down the bottom, over there... you need to scroll down... below INBA'a dog.

Eldest just blew in... peace and quiet are over rated.

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