Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Don't You Have Two Kids?

Uh, yeah.
Eldest is at school all day and then he comes storming into the house demanding and bossing. Honestly he hasn't done much that I would tell anyone about, lately.
But this morning, he was sitting out on the back porch listening to the radio on his little MP3 player that Aunt Melissa gave him for his birthday. He looked so grown up. Bopping to the tune in his head not knowing that I was watching and lamenting his advancement through time.
And really, it is ok. I know that this is what they are supposed to do.

Oh, and the Mister said NO *gasp* to acquiring a top-load wash machine from the pennysaver so that I can felt my bag. Good thing there is a voice of reason around here.

And lastly, we took the boys to Penn's Colony last weekend and watched the celtic group Highland Reign perform while we were there. So, the boys have been marching around the house singing, "I am Angus, the highway man! Trying to make a living any way I can." Imagine it with a marching beat and thick brogue. MMMmhmmm. Cute, but I am wondering if I will get a call home from school.

One more last thing. This weekend at Penn's Colony the are having a fleece to shawl event. They aren't shearing the sheep because it is all period. As you can imagine, it would take a good bit longer to shear the sheep with non-electric shears. It is a nice festival, you should go.

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