Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Can This Much Dust Settle?

Whew. Mayhem has kicked up some dust around here. I foolishly thought that with both boys off to school that the world would suddenly be smooth and peaceful. Oh, I guess I forgot to factor in volunteering, cub scouts, meetings, appointments, cleaning, grocery shopping... for some reason I think that I need to do an entire day's worth of work in 4 hours and then still have energy to be Mom and do family work all afternoon and evening.

I am waiting for the dust to settle, but I am afraid that we have kicked up too much.

So now, I am off to grab the mail on my way to pick up INBA from school so that we can have lunch and not be late for the appointment I have this afternoon because I couldn't fit it into my already spoken for mornings.

Breathe. yes. #7 on the to do list for today.

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