Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Gets me nowhere!
actually, it gets me into position 29,765 on the list to join up at Ravelry. I know, I know, everyone is doing it, because there are only 18,857 people ahead of me waiting to get in, too. But that is ok. I don't really have time for another hobby related, self imposed obligation. On the upside, there is one person behind me in line.

When will school start?
Oh, it feels like never. This has been the longest week of my LIFE!! It is only Wednesday!! We did go pick up the initial packet for the boys. Now we have homeroom and bus assignments and 6 more days to endure until school starts. INBA is on his favorite WHINE TRAIN. I may burst my own eardrums with a sharp pencil. Eldest is practicing ancient torture techniques on his little brother. I may not survive 'til the weekend. And THEN I realized that I have an obligation tommorw that interferes with knitting at Bloomin Yarns. Ugh.

I do have one more upside, I am about half way through clue 4 on my MS3. True, I haven't touched the Mister's sweater in almost 3 weeks, but I am making progress on little things, though nothing is getting completed.


LaurieG said...

I haven't signed up for Ravelry yet. I'm up in the air about something else to suck up my time. So the jury's still out on that. Let me know once you get in. :D

Rani said...

When the kids are driving me to the loony bin, I download a good book onto my ipod and turn the volume way up! hee hee hee

Happy Back To School!