Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Sock Came Back!

The sock came back the very (almost) next day. We thought it was a goner, but the sock came back 'cuz it couldn't stay away!
Ok, so I appropriated a 6th grade camp song.
But the Sock came back, Thanks to lovely Ms. A and her charming children.
I didn't even realize that I had dropped it at KnitOne until I received her message.
Of course, I thought, "That cannot be MY sock!" Oh, but it was.
But it is home, safe and sound.
These Sock Are Made for Walkin'.
Somebody stop me! So what am I suppose to do when my sock is on vacation without me?
Finish some stuff.
Behold, Ruffled scarf (thank you, Laurie)
and Steelers gloves- supposedly size 6 years but with fingers that are far to skinny for any little kid that I know. One of those moments that make you recognize the difference in proportions between little people and big people. First DING for the Handy Book of Patterns and for Me for making something other than Mittens for a 5 year old.

So, how exactly did I drop that sock?
Well, this is what KnitOne looked like on Saturday.
A fashion show of knitted up yarn from the shop.
This is what it felt like.
Disorganized, crowded, too long for what it was.

But, I brought out my socks and to support the Celtic Queen.
That Lady behind me, she knit the scarf from the cover of the Anniversary Edition of Vogue Knitting... beautiful and a hundred bucks worth of silk. Yowzers.
Laurie modeled her shrug.
The Celtic Queen modeled her Fibonachi Mobius.
And her Mystery Stole 3 in SeaSilk.
See, this was the problem. This is the look that people got at the objects. Not enough to really appreciate. CQ didn't win best of show. But I voted for you! And really, you know that everyone had done a wonderful job... next time we just need to stack the audience a little more. Maybe we could rent a bus. :)
OOps! I forgot to take a picture of MS3, too! I finished clue 4!! Now remains the wing, but I feel that it is, indeed about to take flight and blocking is no longer a dream.
I will post a picture, soon.
Now, I am off to get the boy off the bus. The dust seems to be settling. The house is clean and calendar is filling up with things to do, places to be, people to see. I don't know how some people manage to have a paying job, too!
'Til next time. Peace be with you.

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Rani said...

Love the socks!!! What a relief it was found. That stuff is like gold.

I wish I had girlfriends who knit! I'm slightly green with envy at the galavanting that's going on over in your neck of the woods.

I saw the MS3 at a Norwegian blog called "On The Needles". Google marit on the needles. Her latest entry shows the wing.