Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Week in Pictures

...and a couple of words.

Check out these goldfinches. They were sitting on the side of the house and pecking at something. Our bird book says that they eat seeds. I don't think that there were any seeds for them on the side of the house. Very curious. And I was working on my Jitterbug "Mardi Gras" socks. Oh, I love the Jitterbug. This sock is complete and a good bit of the second cuff is worked now, too.
And this is the progress on the Mister's Sweater. It has looked like this for 2 weeks. If I start, I can't stop. I have a problem. The bigger problem will be if I don't get it done.
And then we went camping in the Laurel Highlands at Ohiopyle State Park.
So, so nice. I highly recommend this campground.
I guess the circus socks needed a relaxing vacation in order to relent.
I forgot my notions bag, again, and really, probably didn't think that these socks would ever allow themselves to be complete. They are now all kitchenered and ends woven in.
Maybe it was the pretty flowers that were the real inspiration.

The falls in Ohiopyle.
And the boys.
The Mister and me.
Cucumber Falls.
And so much more. Whew.


LaurieG said...

Did you do the rock slide? It terrifies me. I can't go with the kids (their 'cool' uncle takes them). I'm amazed they're not life-flighting people out of there every day.

Rani said...

Hooray, you're back! Looks like a beautiful camp adventure. The mardi-gras socks are so cool! Your hubby's sweater looks amazing (and amazingly daunting)!