Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Errand for today included picking up my copy of The Deathly Hallows at Costco.
When Eldest brought in the mail (makes him feel grown up :) He brought me the latest issue of VK! UH-OH! What was I supposed to do next?!

I had been looking forward to Harry... but new VK?

I read the magazine. Can you believe it?
Of course I just put the book down a couple minutes ago after 330 pages and a headache.
What a good day!

While in Indiana, my niece was admiring the Mardi Gras socks. She liked the color... well, just the blue, she said. And said she would like it to have dark blue socks.

I cannot say no to a child expressing interest in

My handwork,

Figuring out knitting,

Having socks of her own.

I needed to spice it up... dark blue socks... ugh, but you know I had some dark blue in the stash just waiting for me to find inspiration... I thought for the Mister, but a beautiful niece will do, too.

Oh, and for the record, the 10 miles was done in under 90 minutes... seriously, no one stopped pedalling until victory was secure. My bum doesn't hurt today, though. I will be much more careful next time... What have you promised them, now? is the first question before handing my bike over to the bike rack.


Rani said...

Let me know if the VK is worth it. I've never even looked at one.

LaurieG said...

Well, I hope you at least got some ice cream. And I don't blame the boys, I think even I would pedal 10 miles for ice cream. Ask Mr. Dude if the deal is still on...

Heather said...

Heather - you sound like my kinda girl - choosing between HP and Vogue Knitting? I'd be torn as well! You'll have to tell me how you enjoyed the book, though - I finished it Thursday and LOVED it. Still thinking back over the parts and sorting out how/what I liked. May require a re-read! (Definitely)

I wanted to thank you for stopping by and leaving kind words of encouragement about my Grammy. I do miss her, and I appreciate the comment!


Lacey said...

I believe there is nothing better than a Hogwarts Headache. I finished the book in 4 days. It is so good. I like the color of those socks.