Saturday, July 21, 2007

Going Back in Time

10 minutes ago
INBA using K'NEX to build....
"a model of a railroad."
Shocking! heh. Eldest building a racing car.
He will hook it up to the solar panel to run it around.
one is not better than the other, just noting the obsessions of one.

Yesterday was Laurie's Birthday. She and CQ were over at the Bookstore-that-shall-not-be-named waiting for Harry Potter, so I took over her gifts and had a breather after a long day.
Earlier, we met up with The Mister's Sister, kids and Mother at Kennywood. I don't like amusement parks. But I do like fast old wooden rollercoasters. Oh, that Jackrabbit is some kind of fun!

Here's the Cousins.

The day before we were in Indiana.
Here's the other cousins.
Hopefully next time I will show you my knitting. Laurie, CQ and I are having an adventure this afternoon and there is talk of MS3 progress pictures. Let's just say now that CQ is an over achiever.
I did finish the Mardi Gras socks and I have finally started the garden harvest socks. My niece thinks that dark blue socks would be good for her. So does my sister. I thought it was a man thing to want "whatever, as long as it is blue," or "plain, regular blue." Maybe I can find a mostly-solid-blue that would work for them and for me.
heh, maybe :)

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