Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Copy Me!!

Well, only if you want to...

My Nephew's camo hat was knit with Bernat Camouflage yarn and Perfect Match orange (randomness in the leftovers pile) Bernat makes an orange in the Camouflage label, but I had randomness and it worked.

Size 8 needles, 16inch circular and double points.
Ann Budd's the knitter's handy book of patterns.
92 stitches cast on, k2p2 rib in orange for-eh, a few rounds and a few more in camo. knit until it fit over my ears and then decreased- she uses a fast decrease, so make it pretty much as long as it needs to be before decreasing.
I used about half the skein. It fits me.
I cast on as we left my driveway and was decreasing as we pulled into my SIL's driveway in Delaware... pretty much 6 hours of knitting. I am not particularly fast and am easily distracted, so, take it for what it is.

One could argue for knitting a winter hat at a tighter gauge, but I have a hard time (pain) at too tight of a gauge. Still, you could easily go down to a size 6 (maybe even 5) needle and make a great hat with the same number of stitches, I think. You would use a little more yarn, though, and there is plenty in one skein for that.


Rani said...

Thanks!!! Your directions are good, too. A bigger needle would make a great fall hat - perfect for hunting season up here (we don't hunt, but we can at least try to fit in :-)

Downtown Dancing Knitter said...

Love that yarn, I wish they made a pink camo, then I'd have stuff in that for me! :)