Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thanks, CQ!

Hey, look what I found the Mister doing Sunday morning. This is after Saturday afternoon when I told him that Celtic Queen asked, "When is he going to put that green on the front on the back porch?" Yeah, I know that the garage doors are not the back porch, but I think he is working his way around. Man, what a coat of paint can do! I L I K E it!!*If only I could get him to paint the foyer.*
Sunday, after the painting and a little house cleaning, we took the bikes over to the Montour Trail (19 and Valley Brook) for a "little" ride. The Mister says, "OK, 2 miles out and 2 miles back, easy."
Yep, easy. Except he has been telling the boys if they can make it all the way to Limestone and back that they can have ice cream. Limestone is 5 miles from 19. You guessed it, Eldest didn't quit pedalling until he had gone 10 miles. *wimper* It is 5 miles of a steady uphill to Limestone, even coasting all the way back, my bum hurts. I was suckered. 2 miles, my bum!
Even the Tangerine Gelati didn't make it feel better. Well, maybe a little.
Anyway, here is progress of Laurie, CQ and Yourstruely.
I told you that CQ is an over achiever. Laurie just started a new job and I am easily distracted. Laurie's yarn is really fine and CQ is using Seasilk aka *ooh-la-la*, mine is handspun merino laceweight. All the same Mystery Stole 3... all different.
I did finish clue one this morning and I have to thank CQ, again, because she turned me on to the way to keep my eyes on the chart properly. Repositionable quilter's tape. Very cool. I put it over the row above the one I am working on... I don't jump up! Magic!
Thank goodness for friends.

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Rani said...

I Love the paint, too! I love when people use COLOR on the OUTside of a house. Not beige, cream, blah blah blah. But COLOR. Very cool.

The 'shawls' are beautiful!! The bike-ride sounds harrowing, but I bet the boys slept well. It's good feeling after being out in the fresh air all day.