Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Returning to Regular Program

Father's Day at PNC park was fabulous. Hot, humid and perfect. The Pirates managed to beat the Chicago White Sox and I remembered to put sunscreen on the boys... everyone wins, um, except the White Sox.

Love is flowing here at Chez Mayhem, the Mister's sweater is making progress. The Mister is devoid of sentimentality so I am trying to put as much into each stitch as possible so that he might acquire some through osmosis.

Otherwise, Eldest fell off his bike (gotta love the rights of passage to the two-wheeler) and knocked his front tooth loose which soon began dangling at an angle that gave Mommy the creeps. Aunt Peggy did the honors of yanking it for him. After the $95 dentist bill for the removal of the previous tooth, the Mister is not any more inclined to do the deed but ready to encourage others to do it for free. I am still not woman enough to to it. Thank goodness for a school nurse in the family.

My Hogwarts Sock Swap package is assembled and off to the post office this afternoon. You will have to trust me on this one, I, of course, forgot to take a picture. I will put a link to her blog if she puts up a picture. ugh. so incompetent am I.


LaurieG said...

Don't let them know what creeps you out! I am constantly having these things pointed out to me. "Mom! Look at this giant bug/creepy crawly thing/big mess/stinky thing." They think it's funny.

Rebecca said...

YAY for your Hogwarts package being mailed! Mine is going out this morning, too.

Thanks for leaving your sweet story on my blog. I've gotten crushes on a couple guys in tuxedos that were in wedding parties with me...must be love floating in the air. It is nice to see that sometimes a REAL romance blossoms :)

Rani said...

ELDEST! Those spills are enough to turn my hair gray. (I grew up with all girls). I suppose a smashed tooth is somewhat of an honor! A good 'war'story to tell his buds.

PS. I'm going to lick those gusset holes if it's the last thing I do!!