Sunday, June 03, 2007

Boys of Summer

Party on the Trail was fun.

There was a "train" ride that the boys spent a good deal of time on.And a good long walk... close to 4 miles!

We went out to see the Pirates play the Dodgers, Eldest brought along Mr.G for a early birthday celebration.

This ball was hit into our section by a Dodger and ended up under my seat... and with me in a tussle with two other guys for the ball that was under my seat!

Well, I am still just a girl, and the guy that was determined pushed me out of the way and kicked a pregnant woman to get the ball. Can you believe some people?

What in the world? It is a ball! I mean, I wanted to grab it, but I was more disappointed by being roughed up by a man way old enough to know better and have better manners.

Fortunately, he was harassed enough that an inning and a half later, he gave the ball back to me.

I gave the ball to Eldest.

We picked those seats because he was hoping to get a homerun ball.

There you go, kid.

Every Sunday, kids can run the bases after the game.


Design Flaws

Well, I got an earful on Friday Night at Knitting. Apparently, my knock off bags had some issues.

Oh well, now they are fixed, I think.

TKR's totally lost the top seam, so I serged the edge and did a decorative stitch hem, hoping to catch more of the edge. I think this will be good.

Stacey's was hardly used, so I confiscated hers and double stitched the seams.
Laurie's... Laurie's....
Well, of course, Laurie's was the most heinous case.
Laurie uses her stuff.
Which is a good thing.
But I am making a mental note, actually, I may need to write this one down.
Laurie's stuff needs to be tough.
Not just tough, really tough.
I am not so sure that I am up to this challenge.
But what I did was give her grommets for her draw cord and double stitch her seams and hem.
Ok, my issues with this project.
  1. laziness, this is purely me. I used ripstop nylon and I thought that meant that it would be really durable. Not so much. I needed to be much more careful about those lines that make the grid in the fabric, 'cuz that is where the rip stops. If I sew in between those lines and trim close to the stitching, it will fray thru my stitching and seams will be lost.
  2. know the materials. If I wasn't lazy (or optomistic?) I would have known the above.
  3. I need a better nylon. These are 1/4" squares and that just leaves too much room. I guess If I wasn't lazy, I could do french seams... but it is a sock bag! See how lazy I am. I am waiting to see how the serger works out on Carly's hem, that could be a good finish. I would have tried it earlier, but I am lazy and I had to plug it in to use it last night, as it was.
  4. think about the grommet thing. I didn't use them originally when I knocked off the bag. The original had them, on the opposite side of the side seam. The drawcord was sewn into the side seam rather than having a full casing. That drawcord pulled out of the seam within just a week or so of my using the bag. The Mister threaded it back into the casing and I sewed it back into place. Maybe there is a better construction technique that would allow me to have the grommets on the opposite side but still have a real casing. That would keep some of the stress off the side seam...
  5. I may have to make another sock bag and give it to someone to abuse for me...


LaurieG said...

I think it's because I have so many rough edges (or I'm so prickly, as my husband would say).

Downtown Dancing Knitter said...

My bag looks so pretty! Thank you for fixing it! Would you like me to try to make you a sock bag and see if it is durable enough? Then we can compare techniques. ;)