Monday, June 11, 2007

A Pot of Coffee and A Clean House

Well, almost a whole pot. Now I have a few jitters... but worth it, the entire house isn't clean, but the first floor floors are done (even mopped the kitchen) the powder room and I vacuumed the family room couch and rearranged the cushions. My deputy in charge of dusting is outside playing, so that will have to wait.
What are they playing with outside?
Eldest's Birthday Present. It is called top toss and they throw a rope with balls at each end at a ladder looking thing and count points for how many times it wraps around and which rung it is on.
Oh, yeah, Eldest is 7 today. Seven. Seven. How did my baby get to be seven? He also got a watch for his birthday. He has been announcing the time every 5 minutes or so. Only because I told him how annoying it was to announce each minute that passed. I think he likes his watch. The band has flames on it. Very boy.
The cake is waiting to be frosted. Cilantro Lime Steak (his fave) is marinating.

Maybe the birthday is part of it, maybe the cronic disappointments associated with living in Pittsburgh, maybe some hormones, maybe just because, but I have been feeling restless and anxious lately. I just want to run around kicking things and yelling and ripping the heads off flowers. So I cleaned the house (fine, not all of it, but it is only 11:15 am, give me a chance.) I am thinking this is a control issue. I cannot control the world, I can control how gross my house gets... for the most part. (The boys are outside, I have complete control for a couple of minutes.) So, I will get back to it. Thinking about it is annoying me.


Rani said...

Oh Heather, I'm with ya, sistah! My boy (middle) just turned 7. And my house is gross and I've just about had it with all the goo everywhere.

Another idea for your boys: I woke mine up early, tossed them in the car and took them on a playground marathon. (I sat in the shade and knit). We were too hot to continue, but they are now practically asleep on the couch. Good luck!

Celtic Queen said...

Happy Birthday, Big Man!
I totally hear you on the when did that happen. Felt that way in April for Elder Celting and even more so with Younger Celting at kindergarten orientation.

I hope you find something like I did to snap yourself out of a funk. It must be catching....

LaurieG said...

I feel the same! Well, except for the cleaning house thing. We should form a gang and have a rumble or something. How about on Friday we take on the teenagers hanging out at the *$. I think we can take 'em -- we've got the pointy sticks. Bring your metal needles.