Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer Is Shaping Up!

Wow, thanks for all the great ideas! They give us a good start.

We hiked a trail out of this book this weekend. It was a friend's book, so I will have to pick one up for ourselves this week. I liked it as it wasn't just a trail locator, but offered information for along the trail. We were able to identify some trees and notice some other things that we would have just stomped on past. And 60 miles is pretty much within the hour rule for easy excursions.

If you know of anyplaces that are off the beaten track, unusual, interesting, I would like to know about them, too.
For example...
  • Someplace cool to eat. Novelty, fun, weird, especially tasty, cool decor, odd large plastic mascots, whatever.
  • a nice park. something with great playground equipment, or water, or a sandbox, or a funky theme, something like that.
  • local small museum or historical society with even the minimum of kid interest... I can talk them into a lot.
  • Oh, of course anything train related. We have been to the trolley museum, Cumberland, Minerva, Ohio, and Altoona. If you know a great place to watch the trains go by (safely,) that would be cool.
  • Where can I find the schedule for the activities in South Park? I googled and didn't find anything useful. I am especially interested in the plays that I hear they do in the morning one day a week (or two?) Is there a trail map for South Park? Do you know if there is an information center over there? These are questions that need answers. :)

It is another lovely day here in the 'burgh. We are off to the Library to sign up for Summer Reading and to play at the park with some friends. I will also take some updated shots of WIPs just so we all know that I am still knitting away. (I have almost finished the heel on the second Hogwarts swap sock!! :)


Downtown Dancing Knitter said...

My mother said these are in South Park--

~Wave Pool
~Petting Zoo
~Feeding Ducks
~Rollerblading/ Bike riding

I'm not sure if this will help, but here's a website with some information


Neville Island is also a cool place to go-

It has 3 hockey rinks.. I think, 2 outdoor rollerblade rinks, an indoor golf course and just a bunch of awesome-ness.


There's the website that might come in handy.

Can't wait until Friday! Emily is coming- my new knitting buddy. :) See you then!

LaurieG said...

Hmmm, how about the Cathedral of Learning? The nationality rooms are way cool, and I believe they do tours. But even if you can't get a tour, if you go over you can just walk in alot of them. Lots of interesting food in Oakland too. And a pretty nice playground in Schenley park.