Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Little Catch-up

Lucky for you, today I forgot my camera.

The weather in the 'burgh has been so nice lately that I have quit looking at the forcast, because I don't want to know that it is probably going to go away and not come back for so long that I will have forgotten what blue sky looks like. Not that there is any experience with that, living in the most livable city in the country. (she said with only mild sarcasm)

Anyway, we took the boys out for a walk. Usually I wave good-bye to the Mister and the Boys as they go off on these hikes. Today, I was feeling family love, I double dosed on my allergy meds (we love those livable Pittsburgh Oak trees!) and trudged along.

The secret is out.

No, not that Secret, that is a wish more than a secret.

No, I am talking about the secret of the Mayhem Men on a hike. It is really code for walk a little, sit and eat a while, walk a little less and eat some more! Hike is code for PICNIC!!

Not that I have been missing much, their idea of quality cuisine is beef jerky and peanuts. But still, I could have packed a bag with some cheese and crackers, stopped at the State Store and picked up a nice merlot... let's go on a hike!

We walked around Washington's Landing that is near Washington's Crossing and really neither have any real thing to do with where Washington landed or crossed.

Then we went into Oakland and the boys ran up and down Flagstaff Hill across from the Phipps, trying to keep their kite up in the fickle breeze.

And the Mister made me run into St. Nicholas' to buy pastry at their Greek Food Fair. I won't tell you how good it was, cuz I don't want to share. But if you are in Oakland before Friday, they do lunch and dinner, they are right across Forbes from the Natural History Museum, you will see the tent.

Such a beautiful day.

So, here are some projects...

one completed classic wool sock from Peace Fleece.


The sock that will not yield.

A glove with a pinky for INBA.
Hogwart's Sock Swap sock for my Hufflepuff pal in the pattern from the Rockin' Sock Club April Shipment. I LIKE IT!

See, I told you!
It has been really nice.
These pictures are from earlier in the week when I was meaning to post.
INBA wanted me to take his picture.
He was mad, "I can hardly see me!"
My point was how shady the drive way is already!
This tree grew its leaves overnight! Little buds one day, shady drive the next.

Do you have any idea what this means?
It is the ginourmous tree in my front yard, way bigger than this picture can show.
It takes forever for it to grow its leaves. They start out as perfect, tiny maple leaves and take most of the summer to get quite large. I love this tree.

The azaleas are blooming all over the neighborhood.

The lilacs are making their 15 minute appearance, too.
Oh, how soft and sweet smelling they are!


LaurieG said...

I think we should go on a hike. Especially your kind.

Celtic Queen said...

We need to get you a nety pot to help with those allergies. It sounds a bit gross when you first read about it but it helps a lot.