Monday, May 14, 2007

Are you Nuts? or a week's worth of blogging

I like nuts. Well, some nuts.
I like pecans, mostly. Macadamia, a little walnut, cashews, too, are ok.
The boys in the house are all about peanuts. It is slightly gross how many peanuts they eat. I have to buy them at Costco... regularly.
The Mister likes almonds really well, too.
I like pecans.
So I made a Pecan Spice Cake from the April 2007 Gourmet magazine.
Don't hate me because they are beautiful.
I am typically not much of a baker.
I had to take a picture because they looked so good in the pans.
But it gets better.
I made a cake that looks like the cover of Gourmet magazine!
I would say that it tastes like the magazine, too, but I imagine that to be rather pulpy and the cake is rather Fabulous!!

Gotta Hand It to Ya...
a glove for INBA

I Need an Opinion
Well, I am generally not short of those... but I picked this up with my graduating neighbor girl in mind. It is her high school colors and I think somewhat her chosen college colors, too. I cannot decide what to make for her, though.
A pair of socks? Some gloves? Something else?
If you were 18, what would you want?
And don't say cash, I bought yarn.
Yarn Pirate, btw, in the colorway "Shiver Me Timbers."
Who could resist?

Hogwarts Socks in Progress
*sigh* I am having issues with these socks.
Emotional issues.
The pattern is fine.
I love Lorna's Laces.
I am having issues knitting socks for someone else.
Rather small of me, isn't it?
I suppose this stems from not many appreciating my socks.
I suppose if anyone will it is another knitter.

Speaking of problems with socks...
Look at this!
Thank goodness this yarn likes to gab onto itself.
(not useful when trying to pull it from a skein, very useful to save a dropped stitch.)
I lost one stitch in the k3tog.
Laurie saved me though, told me to sew it down.
All better now.

Birthday Thank Yous.

Big thanks to the Girls in Northern Michigan for the ever lovely gift certificate to KnitPicks.
This is my gift.
A fancy row counter.
More Sensational Knitted Socks.
Magic Loop.
And, of course, sock yarn. Plum Tweed.

The above mentioned Laurie gave me this awesome kit to make a beaded scarf.
It is so beautiful, I am a little intimidated.
Rayon and beads.
Purely delightful.
I am a spoiled girl.
Thank you, very much.


Rani said...

The socks look yummy - the cakes do, too! Groovy pattern for the Hogwart's sock. You know that anyone who signs up for the Hogwart's Sock Swap is someone who WILL appreciate your socks!!

Celtic Queen said...

I vote socks for the neighbor girl. Who doesn't appreciate hand knit socks? Besides, people always lose that one glove, otherwise I'd vote for that.

LaurieG said...

I see some spotty yarn! My good taste must be rubbing off on you!!
I've had a flash of brilliance on the neighbor gift. I know I said socks, but I'm exercising my perogative to change my mind and going with Calorimetry. I know, it's written for worsted weight, but we won't let that stop us. Or you could knit up the socks and we'll dye up a skein of the white yarn for Calorimetry.
I think you need to practice a little more on the cake, too. On Friday afternoon. Bring it to knitting and we'll all give you our honest opinions. (I like pecans too.)