Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Well, it is raining. Dare I say, finally? We had a nice, long stretch of really nice, mostly comfortable weather. Today it is in the upper 60's and raining. A nice rainy day. The kind with the not too dark grey sky, the hills shrouded in mist. A day that makes me long for my oil paints.
Ah, that must be it. It is like winter in San Francisco. I spent many rainy afternoons in the painting studio at City College. Just like today, except no San Francisco and no painting, here. Oh, and it is the middle of May.
But that is ok.

The boys are both at school for the moment. The school year is winding down quickly. Eldest is going to be seven in less than a month. He hasn't mentioned a party. I am hoping to distract him with a buddy and a baseball game. I love my boys, I actually enjoy them most of the time, too. But, honestly, I don't deal well with the testosterone surges that come when there are more than two or three in a group. I just don't understand it and it makes me really uncomfortable. So Birthday parties... ugh. I suppose that makes me a bad mom, to some. I see it more as, at least I am honest about it and try to keep as sane as possible-for the benefit of my family. Crazy mom is not a better mom.

And what makes mom less crazy? MMhmm. Her knitting. Productive, peaceful, and as long as I don't have too many projects on the needles, relatively stress-free. But then, I have too many things on the needles at the moment. I am working on the heel flap of the Hogwarts grasshoppers. My Cardigan hasn't been touched in 2 weeks. Neither has 2 of the 3 other socks had any attention. I am mostly done with the cuff of INBA's second glove. I want to do something for the neighborgirl and has anyone even thought about the Mister's Bauhaus Fair Isle Sweater? Yes, I have thought about it. Laurie and I even talked about it. I know, I know! I only have 6 months until xmas!! I need to get a lot of stuff off the needles. I think it is ok to have 3 projects going, not...6! A carry around sock, a small at home project and a big at home project are acceptable, not 5 littles and a big!

So, I guess the moral of today's drizzle is that Mommy is crazy and she does it to herself.


Rani said...

We give our guys two choices - huge party at off-site place with whole class NO GIFTS (what kid needs 25 presents . . . really!)


2 or 3 friends, old fashioned pin the tail type party with presents.

They usually choose the PRESENTS!

Good luck! You're not a bad mom, you're a realistic mom! And, like you said . . .honest!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather - this is your Hogwarts Swap pal checking in. I think all knitters eventually get to the point where they feel they have too much on the needles, it's so soothingly addictive. Wonder if anyone's ever needed therapy for a knitting addiction!

And I'm with you pretty much - we don't do a party for my son each year. We did one this year but probably won't next year, nor did we the year before. #5 was a pretty big deal, so we went for it. But I think different options are nice - create your own tradition!

LaurieG said...

Sorry, I got no help for you on the multiple projects front. I'm only going to make things worse. You'll see....