Monday, May 21, 2007

No Pictures, Again Today

Boy, can you tell that the weather is nice? No hanging around the computer wishing for something interesting to see or do, lately.

This weekend, the Mister was occupied with enriching himself, so the boys and I entertained ourselves. I missed knitting at the BN Friday. Celtic Queen brought over a t-shirt from MDS&W on her way, though. Very sweet and thoughtful... if only meant to pressure me into next year. :) So Saturday, fully rested, the boys and I headed out for Hockey for Eldest and then to the North Shore and the Venture Outdoors Festival and then over to a friend's house for a pizza party and then to bed. whew. Don't tell the Mister, but we had a good time.

I was questing to gather summer activities. I came up with a couple of interesting ones.

  • at Boyce Park they do Orienteering. They have a beginner's course of 2-3 km and it is only $5. We are so into trying this one. It is a little far for us, but they do it on Sundays so, we can make a family day of it.
  • the 4th annual Party on Trail for the J.R. Taylor Memorial Bridge is coming up on June 2, 2007. Which also seems to be National Trail Day.
  • a map from the Allegheny Trail Alliance. Yep, that would be the group of trails that travels from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington D.C. I did get a bike for my birthday, after all. Wouldn't that be something? Yeah, we went for a ride to see the Lincoln Memorial. I have always thought that the ultimate 'I did it' would be to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, but Pgh to DC might work for me, too.
  • donate your old bike! Earn a new one! Free Ride! is a not for profit, recycle a bike shop out at Construction Junction. How cool is that?
  • a recreational guide to the State Parks and Forests in Pennsylvania. Not that I consider myself very outdoors-y, but I do like to be outside and see beautiful places... have you ever been to an ugly state park?
  • Eldest is taking his friends out to the ballgame for his birthday celebration. The Dodgers are in town to play the Pirates. We got tickets in the outfield reserved, hoping that someone hits a homerun out that way. I can make a phone call and have 'Happy Birthday' put up on the big screen, too. How spoiled can a 7 year old get? He was blown away when I told him that I was 23 when I went to my first baseball game (took the BART to see the A's!) I didn't bother to tell him that way-back-when my brother got to go see the Tigers while I sat at home- I am a girl. bleh.

That is a little to get us started. But you know that isn't enough. Seriously, people, I am begging for options for things to do... within an hour of Pittsburgh, my boys are 5 and 7, free is best, cheap is ok, educational is always good, fun is a must. I am begging. There has to be more to do than the same old parks and the Carnegie Museums (which are great) and obnoxious kid arcades. I AM BEGGING, PEOPLE!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather. Hogwarts Pal checking in again today. Sounds like you have some good ideas for the summer. I also like free/cheap things to do over the summer - there's so much out there, and if you're in a nice metropolitan area like P'Burg, you should be able to find things like: the state parks in your area might be offering free/cheap concerts, nature walks/discussions/tours. We've been to Zeideco music concerts, and free Shakespeare in the parks! Also the movie theaters here give free showings of kids movies one morning per week over the summer - I think it's AMC that does it, but check in your area. It's normally an older movie, and be prepared for TONS of kids, but, hey, it's free!


LaurieG said...

Arts Festival!! Make it a weekday and I can meet you for fried foods and we can sneak in a visit to Ewe Can Knit on your walk back to the T. Or any day -- you and the guys can check out the Blockhouse and museum at the point and we can get a salad at Zorba's for lunch.
The Oliver Miller Homestead at South Park has some events. (ARRGH, it was SHEEP SHEARING DAY last Sunday!! We missed it!) There's a game day on June 24th, and they do a skit on July 16. We'll have to mark our calendars for the Flax Festival on Aug. 19.) And Old Economy is nice --they have tours for children and they currently have a special model train set-up. There's Fort Necessity and Braddock's grave, too. A bit of a drive, but we stopped in on a weekend trip to Deep Creek lake (another great visit). I really liked the Heinz Regional History museum. There's kids activities throughout.

Downtown Dancing Knitter said...

Hmm, I have given this a very SUMMER thought-
- Day Activities
~Wave Pool
~Drive to Hersey Park (My mother's idea-)

- Littlier Activities
~Movies (nice and cool in there)
~South Park Go-Garts (extremely fun! :) )
~Ice Skating, another way to get cooled off.
~Bible school- my church has one every year, but I'll be at my worktrip, but they're always fun! Not that expensive either, especially when they get fed and have an art project, all in 3 hours.

Hope those helped! Those are the things I did when I was little, I was also outside A LOT during the summer. In the neighborhood and at the pool. Happy Summer!! <<33

BlackRayne said...

I was just browsing through the other Hogwarts Sock Swap knitters' blogs and OMG someone else near Pittsburgh! We were at the Venture Outdoors festival as well.

We just moved here in January, we had been near Lancaster for 5+ years but needed a change - so far we love it here and are currently house-hunting in Pittsburgh.