Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Found It!!

Lookie-here!! I found the schedule for the South Park Theatre!!! Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10am... but not free, $2 over the age of 2. But parking is free. Now I just need the Summer Concert Series calendar. One step at a time.

I have also decided that Thursdays are the big excursion day at Chez Metzger. I impulse purchased CLO tickets this afternoon. I had been thinking about it and then the flyer came in the mail and well, they have a Thursday matinee and well, that fits the rule and I called. I just hope the boys enjoy it as much as I think they will.

At the library today I checked out a pile of books about Pittsburgh and Western PA, hoping to get some leads on less popular destinations. I am only beginning to go through it, I will share any findings, soon. The problem is that there isn't a single comprehensive book of things to do that is appropriate and educational for kids in this area. So, you pick up 5 books and they have pretty much all the same information, just hitting the highlights. Like I said before, the highlights are really good, but how many times can you hit the highlights before die of boredom? Trust me, I am getting close.

I am on a quest! Whatcha doing Thursday?


LaurieG said...

Another idea! What about Ligonier? They have some kind of festival -- Ligonier Days, iirc. But (more importantly!) Kathy's Kreations (owned by Kathy Zimmerman) is in Ligonier. It wouldn't hurt to get a little yarn into your summer. Here's the link for Fort Ligonier Days, http://www.ligonier.com/fld.html, but it's in Oct.

And check these links out -- lots of little festivals. I see that Trax farm is having a Strawberry Festival in June. http://www.riversofsteel.com/routestoroots/MonEvents.html

Downtown Dancing Knitter said...

I have given you lots of ideas, here is one more, on the fun side when they won't have to learn, but just have fun.


I'm going to the St.Anne's fair for sure! They have a ferris wheel! Oh, and tons of other fun games with prizes and just a blast. I recomend it-