Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tell Me Why

Why is Tangerine Orange Zinger tea red? I don't doubt that the first ingredient being hibiscus has something to do with it. Still, it is rather disappointing that the only thing tangerine or orange about it is the way it smells when the package is first opened.

In Other News

I have been a busy little elf. The MIL leaves Monday to go off to see the Mister's siblings and she is driving the sleigh to deliver our gifts to the niece and nephews. So I have been wrapping and ribboning all of that. I figure, too, that I need to get the other stuff off with UPS, so a box is ready for my siblings. There is a box to be readied for Michigan another for Washington and lastly, which should be firstly because it contains a bday present for the Mother of the Pea (identity lost already, sorry Lynn,) California. We won't even get into the Santa's helper obligations... that's what the last morning of preschool is for. All this merriment and I have decided that my disposition is not one to write a merry letter this year. I don't need anymore stress. The boys will not cooperate for a respectable picture. I am not sending out the usual cards. Bah Humbug. Besides, all you do is toss it, probably don't even recycle it. Why bother? Ok, here is a deal, you send me a card, I will send you a card.

To Knit or Not to Knit

Laurie suggested that I need my own commuting knit time. She says I am allowed 40 minutes in the morning and in the afternoon. I have been trying, but somehow, it isn't all I would like it to be. I did take 25 minutes this morning. I had to get INBA to a Rock class at the Science Center, so it was knit or bathe. I did bathe, I thought the other parents might appreciate that more. I did work on the MIL's second sock while INBA learned about igneous rocks and the hardness scale. I am decreasing. I think they will be her bday present.
I will have to post pics of INBA's red socks- they have a blue heel and toe- cutest socks ever. I am almost done with the first. I am also thinking of withholding them to put in his stocking (it cracks me up to no end to put socks in the stocking.) The next pair of red socks will have a little cable in them, I think.
Speaking of cables... The Mister's Blue Cable Sweater... 2 rounds more than last Friday at knitting. Honest, I really really really love the mister... it is just so big!! And he is a skinny guy!!! God Bless you girls with guys and girth. I dunno, I guess I could blame the color. Laurie showed me how to cable without the needle. Incredibly handy trick. I just need to do it. do it. do it. do it. OK, FINE!!!

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