Monday, December 18, 2006


Maybe it is a Blue Thing.

Eldest was admiring the Mister's Blue Cable Sweater (BCS) the other day. As in, "Oh, I really like how that is turning out, Mommy. Maybe you could do one for me?"
Ok, this is the kid that turns his nose when I offer... knit it blue and twisted... I like it?!?!?

Eldest is now in need of glasses. He is pretty nearsighted. (This has nothing to do with him admiring the BCS, he was up close.) His eye doctor is right next to Mineo's Pizza in Mt. Lebanon. Yes, of course we had pizza for dinner tonight. And who did we see (loitering) at the pizza place? Magic Man. The boys were impressed. I told them that Magic Man comes to the knitting group with his girlfriend and does magic card tricks for us. Guess who wants to come knitting with me, now? He has been intoxicated with blue merino wool and 15 year old boy.

Happy Birthday, INBA!!
I guess it is official, if you are a whole handful, you are most certainly not a baby anymore. I don't know how it is possible that my baby became a 5 year old with puppy feet, but he did it. He informed me this evening that he is now going to go to Kindergarten with Mrs.H. He was not interested in the fact that he is going to have to wait until fall to get on the bus with Eldest. No sir. No more 4-year-old preschool for him.
Parenting sucks. One should not have to have their realities shattered at such a young age. Sadly, this is the price to be paid for not being a baby anymore.

Sorry, kid.

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LaurieG said...

Did he do any tricks for you?? Hey kid....