Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year Revolutions

Only hours to go... 2006...Hope it was a good one for you.

In case you are wondering, Eldest says that he has not made a New Year Revolution. INBA says that he will make New Year Revelations when he is grown up.

As for me, I don't usually make any New Year Resolutions. This year, however, I am resolving to recommit to those things that I know I should be doing, yet rationalize ignoring.

I will go to the gym while INBA is in preschool. Too bad for me if all I get to do while he is occupied is exercise... my booty needs it.
I will stop snacking! Again, my booty doesn't need any more treats. It isn't a treat to spend more time at the gym (see above.)
I will continue to de clutter my life. It is amazing how much stuff comes into this house for no really good reason. It must stop!
I will love. I will love my life and everyone in it- including me.

I think that is the big stuff... the hard stuff... the almost feels impossible stuff. But it is the stuff that is my life, my health and my happiness.

Whatever your position is on Revolution, Revelation and Resolutions, Happy 2007!!!


Anonymous said...

Can I just say I keep hearing the Beatles in my head. Say you want a revolutionnnnnn....

Anyhow, my goal is to attempt to get to the gym, play some Dance,Dance,Revolution (hey! revolution!), and get a chance at the Wii. :)

Oh yeah and knit....LOTS!!!

LaurieG said...

Oh cripes! I wanted to do the "Say you want a revolution" thing. So I'll just add "Welll, you know..." ;)

Your gym was packed last night with revolutionists -- I almost didn't get a bike!