Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Black Hole

Is Growing!!

My baby has lost another tooth! More precisely, he yanked it out at lunch on Friday. I was there for lunch duty. One of his buddies came rushing over, "Eldest lost his tooth! Eldest lost his tooth!" It was exciting as only it can be when a 1st grader has a tooth to pass around at lunchtime. He was very worried about it making it home and under his pillow. The letter that the tooth fairy sent after the last tooth warned that she wasn't going to pay for anymore teeth that went sight unseen. He was thrilled to find a dollar under his pillow.
Why is it that he has no qualms about believing in the tooth fairy, but he is struggling to believe in Santa?

That's what Friends are for...

The ever fabulous Laurie made me this unbearably cute bracelet. She indulges my odd attraction to christmas lights. Ain't it GREAT?!

Eldest and I took the leisurely way home last night after his school Christmas concert. I drove him through a neighborhood that is close to us with MUCH larger homes. I was surprised at the lack of lights let alone imagination. Places we have lived previously, the swank neigborhoods always had the great lights having the most to work with. Here, can you believe that our block of our street is probably the most nicely lit? Not that it is anything fancy, I only put some lit garland around the lamp post and swags on the doors. But most of the houses have a little something, and COLORS!! Am I the only one that thinks it a waste of time to put up all those white lights? And what ever happened to a little twinkle, people!!! Anyway, it makes it nice to drive up the hill to see a little something on each side and most every house.
What does your neighborhood look like? Is there someplace nice to go see lights without driving up to Hartwood or down to Olgebay and paying 15 or 20 bucks?

Otherwise, here we are preparing for INBA's 5th birthday... party this weekend. His big bash is Curious George theme and his buddies Jack and Eli. I tried to talk him into more, but reality is, INBA is an intimate party kinda guy. I will have to remind Eldest of the merits of such parties when he starts writing his own birthday guest list.

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