Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bad Mom of the Year

PreSchool Christmas Play
and who had a camcorder with no battery? Uh, yeah.
INBA was one of the 3 kings. He was too cute. No pictures. Bad Mom. But at least I was there.

Pooping Sheep

I didn't mention the exchange that we had at knitting last week. My lovely friends showered me with wonderful, thoughtful gifts. Stacy gave me a gift card that I immediately turned into a Yarn Swift (should be here by Friday!!) Laurie made me a green (nobody likes green) beaded watch and matching earrings, and Celtic Queen gave me luscious sock yarn and a POOPING SHEEP. I know that the latter was really for the boys... and yes, my boys will eat brown jelly beans that emerge from under a plastic sheep tail. I tried to dissuade them... but it was jelly beans and they were not going to be led astray. I guess they know real poop when they see it.

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LaurieG said...

Uh, the Kings may be dragging something else for you at the Epiphany. Just saying. And let's get the guys on board with the Epiphany thing for the sweaters.