Saturday, January 06, 2007


Well, there you have it. Come and nearly gone and no sweater for my Mister. It was bold and I knew it was foolish to pretend... but I am still optomistic that the next 10 days will be more productive. Seriously, though, the Mister requires 22 inch sleeves (that is just up to his armpit!!) He takes offense when I embark on an hour of knitting the 'never ending sleeve', but dude, talk to your mom, I had nothing to do with it and I love you, anyway. Still, once I complete this sleeve, it will be number two. I will then only, only, be left with the shoulders and neck.

Hey, don't mock my optomism, I knit that frog in 14 days!!

Speaking of the frog. INBA has taken a liking to wearing his clothes backward, deliberately. (I guess this means that 5 is also going to be a special year.) Thursday he put the Frog Sweater on backward. When I pointed out that I cannot see the frog in back, he giggled and said, 'I know.' This morning again, he had pants and shirt on backward. I suggested today that perhaps it wasn't the clothing on backward, but really his nose and his toes were on wrong. For some reason he didn't like the thought of that. But he does not correct his clothing. And, Yes, I do let him go around dressed like that. Most people don't notice and as long as he is dressed, I don't have to worry about him catching pneumonia. I have bigger fish to fry.

I am working on a Red Scarf Project that I hope to have done by mid month. My sparkle socks are working past the gusset now, that is a car project. I am starting a new charity knitting project for hats for kids doing chemo. Great stash project as the requested hats are from fun fur. Oh, don't look like that, you have more fun fur than you are willing to admit. If it will make a kid happy...

Not so great news
I got a letter from my friend Jan's husband today. Lady K might remember Jan from my painting classes in San Francisco, she is the one who had a studio at Hunter's Point and we would go out for the open studio tours? Anyway, since moving from Northern California our conversation had dwindled to periodic catch ups. I knew she wasn't well, but... I wish I had had one more chance to catch up. She passed away. God rest her soul. She was a beautiful person.

Be grateful for your life and the people who populate it. Life is short and painful and wasted on foolishness. Be real, be supportive, be loving, be honest. Be the change.


Anonymous said...

Hey I have that Red Lumberjack yarn leftover to do a Red Scarf Project with. Thanks for the wonderful way to use the stash.

LaurieG said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. When someone bright leaves us, we should try and shine a little more so we carry their light forward.

I have a hat book for you.