Wednesday, June 07, 2006

She's Having a Baby!


Joy of Joys! Someone I love is having a baby, and it isn't ME!!! Ms. Lynn is expecting a bundle of joy on or around November 19th. WOW!! YEA!!

So now I understand. I want to knit an entire layette. I couldn't understand what would motivate someone, before. Geesh, isn't a hat and booties enough? NO!! I am overflowing with LOVE!! I want to knit until my fingers fall off!

Ok, remember, I only have until November and I am only an experienced beginner... but I need suggestions for THE BEST BABY GIFTS EVER!!!! Lynn has been my good friend since we were 10 years old and being sent to the principal's office by poor old Mrs. Henderson. Lynn was a bridesmaid at my wedding. Lynn is too special for a mundane expression of my undying AFFECTION! So make it good, people.

I am off to BN to get "Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy," and a congratulatory card, so you have a few minutes to think about this. But if you know me, you know how I am when I have a mission. Let's go, people, let's go!!!

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Anonymous said...

I must agree I am very excited for our dear friend as well, And I am kinda happy that I never learned to knit, I like my fingers...I don't want them to fall off. I'll be buying my gifts and I look forward to reading your blog and taking the suggestions as well...heehee