Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What to do on a Tuesday Night?

Three Rivers Art Festival

So there is this fabulous 16 days of music and art and fun in downtown Pittsburgh. Free concerts are always a good thing, but even better when the music is outstanding... which it is at the Arts Festival.
I made the Mister take me out on a date last night. He even took me to dinner!! We worked our way down to the Point, and listened to Del Castillo rock the park. So good. I even bought a cd and had it autographed. The Mister, of course, laughed at me for waiting around. Whatever. He just doesn't get the 'groupie' thing.
Eldest was totally impressed by the autographs, and loved the music... because he has great taste in music.

Speaking of which, I bought the Arctic Monkeys CD, too. Rolling Stone was raving about them, but I hadn't heard them anywhere. It is great British Pop/Rock. I am enjoying them. Eldest received The Ramones greatest hits CD for his birthday. So our Stereo is rocking. Oh, except he also bought himself High School Musical Soundtrack. It is a lot better than I thought it would be. He likes it a lot, too. We are eclectic people, I guess. Jack Johnson's Curious George Soundtrack is still prominent in the rotation along with Jack Brass Band. (You guys should wrangle a gig at the Arts Festival next year.)

So, I am feeling pretty good today. We have great music on, had a great playdate this morning, Eldest actually cleaned up all the Hot Wheels after they left without threat of great bodily injury, the weather is tolerable, I have a great chiropractor, I have a gorgeous Husband, brilliant boys, what more could a girl want?

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More yarn! You always want more yarn. :)