Friday, June 09, 2006

Where did MY Baby Go?

How Quickly they Grow!

Here is Eldest, second from the left, with his buddies, waiting to graduate.

My Baby on stage. You know he loves this! The lights, the people, the adoring applause!

It is a diploma. My baby is a first grader.

Check out the kids in the first row... can you be a little more excited?

Pause and pose pretty for the camera!

The 2006 Kindergarteners.

INBA came to graduation, but refused to be part of the Family Picture. So, it is Mom, Dad and the Graduate, probably appropriate, but a Mom feels guilty if she suggests it.

For the "Why aren't there more pictures of my kids on your blog..."

Aunt Heather and Vicki

Just for proof that I am Not the one that looks like her... it is the precious girl grandchild.

Vicki's Grandmother (age 4?) and Great Uncle (age 2?) I couldn't find a picture of Vicki with that look, but I swear she makes it.

And the Cousins all together... These pictures are from Vicki's 4th Birthday party... just so you don't think that My Sister dresses her daughter like that all the time. And I think someone said she looked pretty, so the dress lost out to play clothes before most of the guests arrived. 4 is great.

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LaurieG said...

I think you need a tiara, too! (Don't we all?)