Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Little Catch-up

Long Weekend Recovery

Whew, give us a couple of days and the first sun we have seen in close to 3 weeks, LOOK OUT!

Hmm, what would the Family do if it could do anything? Hmm, how about look at some trains?
Altoona, Pa, would fit that bill. A close up at Horseshoe Curve and a museum trip, a good time to be had by all.

There was no way for my puny camera to capture this place. It is a crazy curve nestled into the hill side above three reservoirs.

Look how close they are to the train!! Talk about watching trains. INBA was a bit put out because he wanted to see Steam Engines pulling these trains... so do the coal companies, dear.

This one is for my GodMom...

My Godmother introduced me to her favorite candy, Mallow Cups. YUM. Easily, my favorite, too. And what do you know? One block from the train museum... BOYER CANDY!

The chick in the car next to us was laughing at me taking this picture, it was hot and the windows were rolled down, one should be more polite.

Either way, I had a Mallow Cup and choked back a few tears for Patti.

She has been on my mind a lot lately. I miss her dearly.


Ok, so five things that I do every day...

I live for the kids to go to bed so that I can plop my generous bum in this spot and knit.

I suppose the rest of my day is taken up by Bon-Bons and Soap Operas, but how can I take a picture of that?

I guess on commercial breaks I am constantly dealing with this...

Fly Lady would call this a Hot Spot... I call it organized chaos. If it leaves this place it is gone forever and is never dealt with again. It is the bane of my existance. I hate it, but it seems to be a necessity.


I should do this every day. I seem to be more of the mindset of out of sight, out of mind, out of undies, better sort laundry.

Isn't it ugly... it is in the basement. I had to use a flash, it is so dark and gloomy. But, The Mister promised to fix the lights down there for me. They have only been unworking for about 10 weeks. I am sure if the light fixtures in his office broke....

The All Consuming Job

Ok, so that other stuff gets squeezed in between scuffed knees, nutella and english muffins, art projects, sand castles, puzzles, Hi-Ho Cheerio (my favorite kid game,) getting my butt whooped at Candy Land, (I don't think the boys cheat, but why do they ALWAYS win?)

Can you believe what a 5 year old can build?
This is The Mister's KNEX set. Eldest built this all by himself and is continuing to modify it.
Tell me that Engineering isn't genetic.

OOOH, Wanna see some completion?

Check out the Starfish Tam from America Knits.

I made it with Shine Worsted from Knit Picks. It is 60% pima cotton and 40% modal (whatever that is) and it is grrrreat! I love it! Soo soft and shiny! I hope it wears well.

I have the sides of the matching bag done, need to do the I-cord and sew it up. Too Cute!!

Don't you love INBA? It is impossible to get a picture of him with out making a "funny face." But, he is modeling the tam... Thanks, babe.

And Jaywalker.
Well, I have since kitchener'd the toe. This is the first sock that I have considered orphaning.

I solemnly swear that I won't.

I considered it.

Several times.

Last, but not Least...
Happy Birthday, Little Sister!!! 30-something isn't that bad. Not really. Not most days.


LaurieG said...

In a strange 8 Degrees thing, my sister's Father-in-Law's sig other is none other than Ms. Boyer herself!

Yvonne said...

Love all the photos!!!