Thursday, June 22, 2006


He Likes It!

I guess we forgot to tell him that no one likes green socks. I suppose his comfort and joy when he tried on the sock was an override to the typical sensibilities. It probably doesn't help that I was hoping that I would get to keep the socks.

So just for that, I have been working away on the Jaywalker as I have been cavorting around town with my SIL and her brood. I have completed heel and gusset and am hoping that the elves will appear and complete the foot for me. Once I am done with that, I will make his other sock. And then baby layette galore!!

Oh, I am sensing my inept blogging, this morning. No picture of Jaywalker, no picture of the fair isle scarf that I began because 1) it is the other reason I learned to knit and 2) I want to be like Laurie, so I better do it while she is so I can mooch as much info off her as possible!! You just trust me that I am getting better at following the graphs (a couple of snowflakes morphed into some scary skull motifs... I doubt that is traditional.) I am sooooo glad that Laurie made me make a scarf to learn to knit continental. I am not having any problem carrying a yarn in each hand... just that graph-thing. I guess I get tired.

A quick complaint

My sock bag, that I loved and toted everywhere... The string broke. The one that cinches the top. Ripped right out. Not good. The Mister threaded it back in, but it isn't going to look as nice when I stitch it to secure it. I have only had it since March. Really not impressed, but still love the little bag... can't help myself, it is a great size, attaches to anything, is hot pink... just now broken and scarred. *sigh* but aren't we all.

Speaking of Cavorting...

I will post soon about the Visit by our Florida family. No, it is too much, I will sum up... Carnegie Science Center, Pgh Zoo, Idlewild, and that was the first three days.

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LaurieG said...

Best wishes on St. Thomas More day! Now what would be an appropriate way to celebrate the day?