Friday, June 16, 2006

Sock Freak

Nobody likes Green Socks

So I ventured into Tonidale Needle and Craft last week while the Mister and the Boys were doing yard work for Gma. Amazingly, I left with sock yarn. The Green is from Finland and is a wool/polyamide blend. The Mister is having reservations... you know his delicate flesh... I think it will be fine, especially after a wash, but then, I kind of hope that he doesn't want them. Nobody likes green socks, except me and the Celtic Queen. And I will gladly keep these. They are cooshy and warm.

OOOh, and I found some more disco yarn. SPARKLE ME!! Can you see the little glint in the skein?! Whoo-hoo! Makes me far too happy. Then Ingeborg talked me into (said, "did you see this?") some cotton/wool blend summer sock yarn... not that I wear socks in the summer, if I can help it. But the summer doesn't last long, Autumn is not far away.

Yeah, I love to knit socks... oh, those jaywalkers, they are in my sock bag, about ready to turn the heel, when I get to it... So sad, much maligned and unfinished.

The boys love to see themselves on the blog... INBA got indignant the other day... "Why do you take pictures of your yarn? Where am I?" (did you hear the accusing tone? The attitude and 4 year old brash?) Um, how to answer... Well, 'cuz it is MINE *foot stomp* and 'cuz my life is about more than just YOU! (hey, let me have my delusions, they are all I have, some days.)

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