Saturday, June 24, 2006


Boys, Boys and More Boys!!

Yeah, 5 boys, 2 years to 7 years in age. Yikes. But who has more fun than a gang of boys? I'm not thinking many.

Here they are at the zoo and then waiting for the T.

Just in case you missed it the first time, Blogger has given us Two copies... when I try to delete one, all my pictures go with it. *shrug* So Two it is.

In The Mood For Art?

Eldest found my oil pastels, so we did this... Mommy with the traditional landscape, Eldest with his modernist impression of... modern art.
Right here is what I love best about being a mom.

Fairly Fair Isle?

It all starts out ok, then I get distracted and funky things begin to happen. Funny how little it takes to turn a snowflake to the dark side. Skulls and Mosquitos, anyone?

Oh, YOU! At least I can report that since this picture was taken, I have begun the toe decrease. Geesh, can anyone belly ache as much as I have about this silly sock? *grumble grumble* I even annoy myself!!

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LaurieG said...

Umm, you lost a boy there waiting for the T!

Great Fairisle!! I'm hoping to have something to show you on Friday.