Thursday, May 18, 2006

Shark Bite


This is the future shark... ain't he cute?

This is the back fin... notice how there are 18 stitches cast on between 2 stitches! OUCH!!

Lovely Judy says, "The first few rows are not easy to work, just push the stitches close together on the needle and be careful not to drop any of the new stitches."
Uh, can you say 'understatement?' I didn't know what was going to break first, the needle or a finger. It took a good 3 or 4 rows before I could knit all 18 without fear or pain.
I suppose it is worth the effort, but geesh, make me work for it.

I bribed INBA to go to the "nobody likes green" YS. I let him pick yarn for his orca/shark mittens. It was the consolation prize since he was actually hoping that they would be winding balls of yarn off the swift.

I was surprised that he picked such a dark grey, but he had choices, so it must be what he wants. Here it is pictured in the Kindergarten Art Project bowl that I bought at the Extravaganza fundraiser last month. All of the Kindergarteners put their thumb prints around and Mrs. Majestic made them into the kids. too cute.


Eldest made me go in and get the camera and take pictures of him riding his bike.

Can you imagine when he gets his first car?

INBA isn't going to be left out of the action... Hopefully someday we get out of the phase of 'funny faces' and can see his beautiful face un-distorted.

Oh, the pant leg isn't a fasion statement, it got a little wet and he rolled it up so that it wouldn't touch his delicate flesh.

Have I mentioned lately, he's four.

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LaurieG said...

Too funny! Reminds me when my eldest used to make us clean the grass off of the bottom of his shoes!