Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Wedded Bliss

Congratulations, Rob and Stacey!

What a lovely wedding!

I really love this picture, I wish it had been in focus... but I think it really captures a loving moment.

And how about the ballroom?! A mere fraction of the space. Everything was gorgeous.

Milwaukee Art Museum

This is the addition to the museum that was completed in 2001. Quite beautiful. The Mister doesn't understand why I don't understand why he is so fond of taking pictures of a certain person's back.

This was The Mister's favorite piece. I wasn't able to write down the title or artist, sorry. But it was mirrored blown glass objects within a mirrored space. What was most fascinating, when we stood in front of it, we didn't see ourselves reflected. When he took the picture, he was reflected. Weird.

My Knitting

So this is a prayer shawl, the ocean color of Knit Picks' Suri Dream. It is so soft and so light.

And then there are the Jaywalkers. I had a hard time getting a picture to show the stitch definition. But I think you can see the diagonals created between the ridges. The colors are Navy, Emerald and Goldenrod. I am really liking the way they are turning out.

A Great Weekend

Thanks to Grandma, The Mister and I were able to take ourselves to the wedding. It was so nice and so weird to have The Mister to myself! And, my goodness! I knew that the children required a massive amount of time and organization, but I wasn't prepared for just how much we could do in an HOUR let alone a weekend!! And we walked all around... and we enjoyed dinner... and we watched a movie... and took 2 hours to walk thru a museum exhibit... And that was Friday! Wow. So nice.

So then I realized that my knitting is really a great relaxation tool. I mean, I knew that it was, sorta, but not how much. Then, at the end of a very relaxing weekend, I didn't need to knit while waiting for our flight. I was fine. Patient. Content. Peaceful.

Um, home 24 hours... well, this sock will get finished.

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