Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lighter Fare

Hey, Baby, Nice Socks.

See, they don't look so ugly on. It seems that the Mister has skinny ankles. even with the ribbing, he has a bit extra.
It seems that the foot fits ok, so maybe next time (if there is one, don't want to get hopes up,) I would do my new favorite way, toe up and decrease for the ankle. Hmm.

And despite the ugly-while-knitting colorway, these washed up like a dream. So soft! Lucky man, that Mister.

Where Have You Taken My Children?!
Oh, just on the T and up an Incline to the top of Mt Washington.

This is a favorite journey, it involves an electric train, the aforementioned incline and Ice Cream.

mmm-hmmm. My children are not dumb.

So this is the mister and the Children at the look-out.

This is another view from up there, the fountain at Point State Park, behind the Fort Pitt Bridge and in front of Heinz Field... Yes, that is where that football team plays. You cannot see here, but to the left is the Science Center, now that is a cool place.

Flowers for My Boy.

INBA has become ferociously attached to the color red lately. Therefore, Tulips are his favorite flower. After MUCH discussion, we have come to terms with the fact that tulips come in a multitude of colors, but RED is the favorite. How nice of Daddy to take a picture of the flowers for him.

That is the love.

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