Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hey Baby, You Lookin' At Me?

Shark Sighting!!

No fears, it is only a knit shark.
Guess what the Mister said to me... Those side fins are a little wierd. I gave him my best blank look and reminded him that it is a KNIT shark, the entire thing is weird. duh.

I tried to make his mouth look toothy and fierce...INBA wasn't convinced. It has a Frankenstein Stitch feel, I think.

What ever the criticism, INBA slept with it the day I gave it to him. That means it is perfect... enough.

You Spin Me 'Round and 'Round

So Laurie, holder of knowlege I wish to posess, taught me to use the drop spindle at "knitting" on Friday... I didn't knit a stitch. I did attach the handles to my Booga Bag, which Laurie felted for me. I forgot to take a picture, but I think Laurie has a picture of me with the bag on her blog... Notice how I didn't mean to, but I am dressed to coordinate with the bag. I am nothing if not consistent.

Back to my spinning. I did some more on Saturday to impress the Mister. He really needs to work on looking like he cares when I get excited about this stuff. The children were a much better audience... except that Eldest wants to use MY SPINDLE!!

Um, I don't like to share my toys... plus, I am not sure what to do with the stuff that I have on it... Ok, you know that I will show him, right? Maybe tomorrow. :)

Ever Heard of Waynesburg?

I hadn't until Saturday. It was in a list of the summer
activities in the Newspaper... What was going on in Waynesburg? Just their 3rd Annual Sheep and Fiber Festival.
Yeah, maybe the really cool people get to go to Maryland, but I dragged the Family to Waynesburg... and they liked it. Once it stopped pouring rain, that is. They had a few booths and a small stage on the courhouse steps with entertainment, a lamb cook-off, kid crafts, pictures with a lamb, sheep shearing. Hey, it is 3 blocks of "Downtown," what do you want? Best of all, I learned how to use a Spinning Wheel!! And this is what I made!!! Laurie taught me the hard part, the drafting and how to move the twist, so using the wheel was so much easier!!! I want one.

Of Course, the one that I learned on was an $800 Schacht wheel. Very Nice. What, you thought that it would be cheap? Baaaa. A cheap one is still close to $300. It may be old technology, but it is still technology.

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LaurieG said...

Oooh, the Schacht "Matchless" is the one I want! I think if I get my room cleaned out I might buy one for myself as a reward! (Hey, I got a raise this week.)