Tuesday, April 25, 2006



In reply to my Mother in the comments, I was 23 years old when I moved to San Francisco. I don't know who ever told you that I was coming back, because it wasn't me. That pile of boxes in your garage and a change of address notification didn't give it away? Your memory is getting a bit wonky, Mom, better start doing the word searches to ward off total senility.


My best friend, Kati, wacky, crazy, insane, wild woman, Kati, came to visit me, too, for my Birthday. She is wacky and insane because she worked 12 hours on Saturday, got into her car at 10pm and drove 9 hours from Northern Michigan to the 'burgh. CRAZY.

I really should have included the fact that Kati came all that way for me in my entry about that day. But my cup overflows and it just seems like bragging to say how much I am really loved. Yes, I had many gifts, gifts of fun stuff and gifts of time. I just get self-conscious if I list it all. I am a spoiled girl.

Oh, and Kati, dear and darling best friend, if you would let me take a picture of you, you would totally make it onto my blog. I have no pictures of you from probably the last 4 years... I know I have one of you holding INBA in the hospital... oh, no, there are some from LB when you and Annette came to visit and we went to Venice Beach. But see how hard I have to look? Smile for the camera and there is no issue.


I finished the Mister's socks. I want to take a picture of them on his feet so that you can see that they look better on.
I cast on the second Disco sock. It amuses me to no end to have such sparkley yarn. I cannot wait to wear them... can I say that if I hurry I might get to wear them before the weather changes again?

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Anonymous said...

Dear, Dear, Daughter,

I will not touch the memeory thing. ok?
I just want you to know, (all of you children of mine) NO MATTER HOW OLD YOU THINK YOU ARE, you will always be my children, you know, babies, you know, forever young, oh no, no. Ha ha that's me.

so 23, 2, 100, you are still a teenager to me.

love to my grandbabies xoxoxo
and of course I love you.
(don't forget Rick xoxoxo)

ps hope that you and the boys are feeling better soon.