Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bobbles Suck and Craig Ferguson Makes Me Cry

I have nearly completed Miss Dashwood. I just have to sew the earflaps and ties on. I used the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran that the pattern calls for and that Laurie had given me 2 balls of at Wuletide. I love this yarn. I want more of this yarn. I want an entire yummy something-just-for-me of this yarn. The only thing is, that this yarn is not very stretchy. So, making bobbles -who thought k4togtbl was a good idea, anyway? - is really tough on the hands. Still, it is soft and delicious and I love it.

Craig Ferguson is another issue. He is on way too late at night. And geesh, if I accidentally stay up late compulsively knitting hand-hurting bobbles, well, I just have to watch him. Oh my, oh my. I laugh so hard that my pregnancy-compressed lungs hurt and tears stream from my eyes. I very much enjoy it when he makes me laugh until I cry, and it is nearly every time I watch him that this happens. Just so you know. 'Cuz I know you care.


Anonymous said...

yes, craig is funny and not that drew was a funny show..but i like craig much more as a talk show host
-lady K

Anonymous said...

Ya know, they invented this little machine a few years back where you can record your favorite show and watch it when you like. Just a little suggestion to make your life better, cuz more Craig in yer life is always a good thing. XD

I totally agree with LadyK. I remember him on the show but I never watched it. I must admit, out of the 2 episodes I watched when originally aired, it was Craig who made me laugh! Who knew?!?!?!??!

Good luck with the bundle!