Monday, January 26, 2009

Pregnant Ladies Are Not Allowed...

To watch "Hallmark Hall of Fame" movies.
"Loving Leah" was on last night, and honestly, half a box of tissue later, I don't really know why I was blubbering. Hormones. ugh.
Anyway, I finished my no-purl monkeys in Vesper Yarn, Shout Out Loud.
Don't you love that you cannot really see how swollen my ankles are in this colorway?
I showed the Mister and I think he was startled by the color. The, "WHOA!" and slight jump in his chair gave me that idea. he-he. Eldest was happy to run upstairs and grab a bag for me.

Lookie-lookie, what was inside!
More Vesper sock yarn, Lovely Lollipop Sky!
The pattern is Groovy Socks.
There wasn't a picture that printed with the pattern. I, of course forgot what it looks like, and happily knit this up, right away!
I am a very happy girl :)
Now, the weather man is calling for some big snow to come tonight and tomorrow. I have a growing affinity for the 2 hour school delay... I really prefer not having to get up until 8!
Alas, as I begin the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy, the sleep deprivation training is beginning. I think that the only way not to be so tired is to quit doing laundry and dishes... and I would say cleaning the bathroom, but I kind of already have... unless the boys do some serious damage that cannot be ignored. Oh, and I guess I should quit going to school and volunteering and no more late nights knitting and... and .... nah, I can't give up my fun! Just the work. heh.


LaurieG said...

I used to cry at commercials. :/ I like the pattern. Now I'm all excited about what you'll do next.

Patricia said...

I read Laurie's blog and she referenced your "sock kits" and it brought me here--such a cute idea!!