Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm So Excited!

from New Years with cousins...of my Christmas present from Laurie (that is baby girl, there, making her blog debut)
of belated Christmas mits with my first use of the loop stitch on the cuff,
btw, I used jiffy yarn for the hand... it is so warm and soft! And I don't like acrylic!
of some baking... many birthdays this time of year here at Chez Mayhem. My cheat has always been a box cake with homemade frosting... I used the stand mixer this year to mix the batter... OMG! Way improved the texture. And the Betty Crocker chocolate frosting recipe is always a big hit, and very easy, too.
of chocolate chewy cookies...INBA loves to watch video clips on the internet and seems to especially enjoy the Cook's Illustrated website's video library. Good thing, it seems, because we found these cookies there. I promise you, if you love chocolate... well, INBA has added these to the family recipe binder under "INBA's favorite cookie." I cannot over state how awesome these cookies are.
And finally, of the Mister's Birthday.
Wow, check out the glow.
Happiest of years to you!!

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