Thursday, January 22, 2009

Show n Tell

Tell is fun, but Blogging is so much more fun when I have pictures to show!
This here is Eldest's Wonderful Wallaby.
Even though I am happy to have pictures, it would be nice if I took better ones...
but, as it is, the color of his sweater is really a hunter/forest green heather.The no purl monkeys that I started back in AUGUST (ugh) have found new attention.
This is the second sock, one repeat short of the heel.
A baby set in progress... but I don't think I am going to make the booties that are with this pattern, because the current issue of Piecework has a set of booties that are much more my taste... you know I am not a huge lover of garter stitch, but I like the garter rib. That magazine also has an Alice Starmore baby bonnet that is a must have.
And this is the niftiest idea! It is the real reason for renewed attention to the monkeys.
I saw that Mum was doing it and apparently she found inspiration on Ravelry. Either way, it is my personal Sock Club 2009.
I paired up patterns that I have wanted to knit with yarn in the stash, (fun and occasionally harder than I thought it would be) and then stuck it in a paper lunch sack and stapled the top. Never a disappointment, because I know that I want to make them! And, one thing that I wonder if it is considered with some of the sock clubs out there... I started with the pattern and picked yarn to go with it rather than "this is the yarn and this is the pattern" that don't necessarily go together.
I think I might need to start a set of boy bags. I am feeling a little knitters guilt that all those bags are socks for me.

Lastly, a glimpse of my Out n About Tote in progress.
All that fabric was in my stash.
The green was used in a quilt for INBA, the pink batik and the "Barbados" floral were just, "I love it, I must have it, I will use it someday" purchases.
Sweet, eh?
I am super looking forward to finishing it. (waiting for the feet I ordered)


LaurieG said...

Personal Sock Club, eh? Sounds like something I could get behind. I might even do the same for spinning fibers.

Heather said...

Great post! That is some seriously psychedelic yarn for those monkeys - how perfect!!!! And I am so completely ON that sock/pattern/bag thing. What a great idea! Maybe it will motivate me to actually knit up my sock yarn stash! Currently, I seem to like just having the sock yarn around a bit more than actually knitting it up!


Rani said...

COOOOOOL! I'm gonna do that! What a fabulous idea with the bags. Maybe then I won't feel so sorry for myself for not being able to sign up for Socks That Rock AGAIN this year.