Monday, February 02, 2009


Well, in case you haven't heard, he saw his shadow.

Which only means that Eldest might be able to wear his wallaby yet this winter.
I discovered yesterday that I was using the wrong size needles to knit his sleeve.
While debating what to do (trying to rationalize laziness) the Mister asked how long it took me to knit what I had done. Maybe 3 or 4 hours -not all of which would need to be frogged. Then he gave me this, this, this sound akin to a shrug. So I frogged, and reknit during the Super Bowl.

And about that Super Bowl. Was that not the best game actually played at the Super Bowl in a long time? Both teams played like they wanted to win, and for a while there, I wondered who would win! The commercials weren't so great this year, but you can't have everything.


Deborah said...

Hope the sons sweater sleeve worked out. And I agree the commercials were a big disappointment! I did like the baby! He was so funny!

LaurieG said...

Urgh, Super Bowl Ads! Hulu was my little secret, but now since it was on the Super Bowl commercial everyone and their brother is there overloading the system and I can't get any of my shows to play. Hmmph! But -- Lie to Me -- great show! You can catch the first two episodes on Hulu and watch whenever you want!

Rani said...

It has been so butt-ass cold here, excuse my French - that I took off my STOP GLOBAL WARMING bracelet.