Monday, March 03, 2008


There are 10 robins, 2 cardinals (one male- the brightest red you ever saw, one female) and a woodpecker in my back yard at this very moment.
I don't think the robins ever left this year. I saw a whole bunch of them over by the post office a couple of weeks ago after a big bout of snow. And they are fat, they haven't starved for hanging around.
It was more than 60 degrees and sunny all day today. Good-bye February! Hello, March!
I took some pictures this morning in the gorgeous sunlight... but will have to post later, I am going out to dinner with another mom! Can you stand it? Of course, I am making dinner for the brood before I go. One cannot ask too much. :)

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Celtic Queen said...

So does this mean we can't tempt you to see The Other Boleyn Girl on Thursday evening?