Monday, March 24, 2008

Speaking of Birthdays

So, my SIL was making me feel old.
Well, she is certainly older than me. She brought her gift from the Easter Bunny with her when she came to dinner. This was her gift.
This was huge when I was a kid. HUGE! In fact, with my birthday money when I turned 11 (eleven!!) I bought this album. Yes, I said ALBUM! ack. How cool is it that it is remastered and put onto cd 25 years later. (24 years from when I bought it.) OMG. It is bad enough that the "oldies" station plays 80's music, to actually say out loud that 1983 was 25 years ago is just cruel.
All that said. I cannot help but turn it up loud and sing along and dance, dance, dance. Much to the chagrin of my 7 (almost 8) year old son. OMG! How did I get a 7 year old son?!?!? He is practically asking for the keys to the car!!
Oh, funny, Celtic Queen and I saw a coffee mug today that said, "I refuse to admit that I am over 30, even though that makes my kids illegitimate!"
Ok, I am feeling it today. Only the shock and awe part, really. I still feel 25 inside. Oh, there is that 25 again! Make it stop!


LaurieG said...

That was how I felt when the re-released the Star Wars movies after 20 some years. I went to see the first one when I was 14. And the promos just kept saying over (and over and over) how an entire generation had never seen them as they were meant to be seen -- on the big screen! I looked around at all the 20 somethings in the theater and felt like I was a hundred years old.

DPUTiger said...

I am going to have to get that CD. I remember being teased by a much-younger friend who didn't get why I'd ever have a Michael Jackson CD. When I realized he was not quite 2 when it was released, I kicked him out of my house.

Yes, I liked MJ very much when he was black. :-D

Lacey said...

You are only as old as you feel. I have to say that sometimes I feel like I am 60 myself, and I have 30 something years before that happens. So If you feel young at heart, they you are young in every since of the word. Happy Birthday! I hope it was wonderful!!!

Rani said...

I have had a few moments here in my 30 something years when someone will say, "So how old are you?" And I blurt out, "26!" Then there is the awkward back-paddle, "I mean. . . no wait . . . that's not right . . . I'm . . . sigh . . . 37."